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love to be BOHSIA ?


after a month,
i succeed to forget all about her.
living with this new lifestyle make me wondering,
how stupid am i when i wasted my time crying beggin for you to come back.
but now ,you were unvalluable for me.
not just me,
but for everyone that knew who are really really you ,Bohsia .

yes, Fazrul Syamim statement was always true.

"a Lock that can be opened by many Key is a Bad Lock ,but a Key that can open many type of Lock is a Master Key "

Bad Lock similar to you.

moral value ; a GIRL can lie ,being hypocrite ,be ego ,be playgirl and keep pretending at a same time but a WOMAN can only be just one of that at time.

grammar sucks XD

1 comment:

Syaza Marina said...

am I girl or a WOMAN on your eyes ?